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Baby Signing

Welcome to the wonderful world of signing with babies. It's never too early to begin signing with your baby. The gift of signing helps your baby to communicate well before he or she has the verbal abilities to do so. This can make a years worth of difference, or maybe even more in your child's development and give you a head start in understanding your baby's wants, needs and interests. Signing bridges the 'I know what I want but can't say it yet' gap.

Signing is one of the most interesting, fun and useful things you can do as a parent. It encourages early communication, vocabulary, speech, trust and interaction. Signing has many benefits. For example your child can not only tell you whether they are hungry, cold or suffering from an ear-ache, but also when they see a bird in a tree or need help with getting their favourite toy from a shelf. Toddlers feel they can come to you with their ideas, needs and wants and be understood.

Signing can be useful well into the toddler years. When children begin speaking, they typically learn a few words at a time, experiencing significant gaps between what they can say and what they would like to say. Signing readily fills these gaps. Communication in sign language can help toddlers overcome alot of the frustration that can accompany a need to communicate without the physical ability to do so yet. In short it gives your child a temporary tool for the job until speech comes along.

Signing also helps children learn that there is more to communication than just speech. It teaches them that hand gestures, body movements and facial expressions can also serve as communication tools even when not accompanied by spoken words. Signing babies have been shown to go onto speak earlier, have wider vocabularies and even have higher IQ's than non-signing babies.

Signs4Life baby signing classes are fun and lively. Come and learn to sign with your baby and enjoy quality time together! Our classes specially appeal to baby's upto 30 months old.

Do not worry if you have never signed before, this will be the same for many others in the class and the signs are introduced step by step through music and play. If you would like us to run a course for your baby and toddler group please get in touch for more details.


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